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Apr 18, 2022 Ingredients for Making Moonshine. 1 5 gallons of drinking water 2 8.5 lb. of flaked corn maize (corn meal). 3 12 lbs. of malted barley that has been crushed 4 Yeast for making bread. 5 Glucose (optional) How much yeast do you need to make moonshine.


apple pie moonshine recipe ingredients 1 gallon apple juice 1 gallon apple cider 2 (1.75l) bottles grain alcohol (153-190 proof) 1 (.75l) bottle whipped cream vodka 2 cups white sugar 2 cups..

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2-3 cups moonshine or Everclear (depending on strength you want) Mason jars as necessary 1. Warm the water, lemon juice, and sugar until the sugar is dissolved. 2. Let cool and add the moonshine to the strength desired. 3. Pour the whole mix into mason jars. 4. Chill and serve up as soon as it&39;s frosty-cold. How to make lemondrop moonshine.

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May 25, 2021 For this recipe you will need 8.5 lbs of flaked maize (crushed corn) 2 lbs of crushed malted barley (must be malted) 6.5 gallons of water 1 package of bread yeast Cooking your Mash Place your water in your large pot and heat to 165F. Once you have reached 165F turn off the heat. Pour your corn into the pot and stir for about five minutes..

Stir the mixture for 3 minutes when it&x27;s simmering. Pour the mixture into a jar and top it off with some rum. Close it with a lid and keep it in a cool dark place. Let it soak for 3 weeks. Shake the jar at least once a day during this time. Strain the mixture and store it in your refrigerator to retain the taste. 5. Grandpa&x27;s Moonshine Mash.

How to Make Moonshine Step 1 Making a Mash The first step to making moonshine is to make a mash. Making a mash refers to the ingredients that are put together which will then be fermented into alcohol. Many people associate moonshine with corn or other grains, in fact, it can be made out of almost anything.

Web. Are you looking for an all grain bourbon mash recipe In this video I will take you through part 1, making the all grain bourbon mash recipe using 6 grains a..

moonshine recipe using sweet feed. by george (dinwiddie va) Here is a moonshine recipe using sweet feed. In a 5 gallon bucket fill with sweet feed about 4 inches from the bottom. Add warm water just enough to cover feed. Add 7lbs sugar and stir to dissolve adding very warm water enough to fill bucket about 34 full.

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This moonshine recipe turns a brilliant red color and makes it a delicious Fourth of July cocktail recipe. Add a dash of lemon juice to bring out the sweetness of the cane sugar in the Cherry Simple Syrup recipe. Find the full recipe here and get your stockpot ready. 4. Dreamsicle Moonshine.

2.5 gallons (10 l) of water 0.5 tablespoon (7.2 g) of distiller&x27;s yeast Producing the mash Step 1 Boil the 2.5 gallon (10 l) of clean water for about 15 minutes in a large pot and let it naturally cool down to 165F (74C). Step 2 Now, add the grains as well as the gypsum and the acid blend.

Ingredients for Moonshine Whiskey Makes enough poitin for a small, spirited gathering 1 12 packets (21 g (34 oz) distillers yeast; turbo yeast will do a swift job, but its not recommended 30 lb Potatoes 3 lb Malted Barley 2 lb White Sugar 10 US gallons (38 litres) high-quality water Directions The Wash.

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